Playlist SLS Radio

SLS Radio
Temps Artistes Chansons
2:34 Unknown Piste 20
2:32 Unknown Piste 6
2:29 Unknown I m a man
2:26 Dusty springfield Bad case of the blues
2:17 Chuck berry Flyin' home [instrumental][instrumental]
2:05 Buddy holly Midnight shift
2:01 Janis joplin Turtle blues
1:07 Jcv Rock and roll roots archive
1:03 Neil sedaka Bad gigl
1:00 Unknown Piste 10
0:56 Unknown Buster brown fanny mae
0:52 Carl perkins Caldonia 1972
0:49 Alan price The house that jack built
0:47 Unknown Chuck berry almost grown
0:30 Chris isaak Dixie fried
0:23 Bee gees Stayin' alive
0:16 Beth hart I love you more than you'll ever know
0:09 Warren storm Mama mama mama
0:00 Unknown This time of the year