Playlist Radio Show

Radio Show
Temps Artistes Chansons
13:16 Chroniques Ephéméride
12:49 Michael jackson State of shock w mick jagger
12:31 Loose ends Hanging on a string
12:18 Chroniques Buzz du jour
12:14 Janet jackson Let's wait awhile
12:06 Ago You make me do it (original instrumental)
11:55 Klique I can't shake this feeling (club mix)
11:45 Stevie wonder Superstition
11:33 Falco Der kommissar
11:30 Jim diamond I should have known better
11:04 Diana ross & lionel richie Endless love
10:26 Phyllis nelson I like you (remix extended version)
10:19 Chroniques Ephéméride
10:07 Madonna Vogue remix
9:49 Eric b. & rakim Paid in full
9:33 Chroniques Flash info (1min)
9:32 Mac band Roses are red (club mix)
9:26 Prince Controversy
9:20 Chroniques Programme tv
8:44 Bee gees Night fever - 2007 remastered version saturday night fever
8:40 Suzanne vega Tom's diner
8:18 Chroniques Sorties cinéma
8:13 Company b Fascinated (ultimix by barry harris)
7:52 Mylene farmer L'amour n'est rien.. (mr.daloway's latin mix)
7:47 Dj pierre Move your body (radio mix)
7:30 Chroniques Flash info (1min)
7:26 Rufus & chaka khan Do you love what you feel - club mix
7:22 Paul mccartney & wings No more lonely nights
7:17 Chroniques Journal des people
6:59 Bangles Eternal flame
6:46 Armenta & majik I wanna be with you (part 2)
6:34 Sade Love is found (gareth wyn rem 2)
6:30 Depeche mode Enjoy the silence
6:19 Chroniques Une date dans l'histoire
6:15 Mylène farmer Appelle mon numéro (manhattan clique club edit)
6:07 Denroy morgan I'll do anything for you (instrumental)
5:53 Sharon redd Can you handle it (uk 12 inch remix)
5:43 Anita ward You can ring my bell
5:30 Chroniques Flash info (1min)
5:28 Kajagoogoo Too shy
5:18 Chroniques Buzz du jour
4:55 Breakwater Unnecessary business (club mix)
4:45 Geoffrey williams Cinderella (remastered)
4:35 Everything but the girl Missing (the todd terry radio edit)
4:29 Jocelyn brown-somebody else's guy (remix) 1984 Jocelyn brown-somebody else's guy (remix) 1984
4:19 Fallen angel Throw down (remastered)
4:18 Chroniques Carton rouge du jour
4:13 Michael jackson Billie jean
3:59 The gap band Gash gash gash (club mix)
3:17 Sade Never as good as the first time (single version)
3:14 Stephen duffy Kiss me
3:09 Fpi project Rich in paradise (original)
3:03 Rick james Dance wit' me (club mix)
2:57 Teena marie I need your lovin' (club mix)
2:45 The police Walking on the moon
2:44 Eric atlantic Topafter eng01
2:18 Alicia myers Appreciation (club mix)
2:09 Various artists Say it isn't so - daryl hall and john oates / daryl hall & john oates
2:02 Diana ross Your love is so good for me (club mix)
1:59 The mccrarys Love on a summernight (club mix)
1:50 Finesse Feel it (club mix)
1:35 Charades Gimme the funk (12'' version)