Playlist RTF

Temps Artistes Chansons
23:11 Jj cale Call me the breeze
23:10 Tors Still life
23:05 Lisa stansfield Been around the world
23:01 Manu chao Viva tu
18:58 Deep purple Portable door
18:00 Jenny l Apologize
17:27 Ziggy alberts New love
17:25 Jj wilde Best of me
17:21 Odonata x1 Returning from the twilight zone
17:12 Royal republic My house
17:08 Les negresses vertes Mambo show
17:06 Ayo Money love
16:53 Survivor Burning heart
16:49 Honne Girl in the orchestra
16:44 The everminds 21 grams of insta
16:42 Ko ko mo Zebra
16:38 Mike oldfield Get to france
16:36 Devil jo A better plan for you and me
16:32 Maax Les salauds
16:30 Norah jones Paradise
16:23 The stranglers Always the sun
16:21 Illa Peut etre
16:12 The offspring Make it all right
16:08 Francis cabrel Encore et encore
16:06 Arman melies Le ventre monde
16:01 Imagine dragons Eyes closed
15:57 Agathe Sauvages
15:53 Prince Cream
15:08 Naive new beaters Ye kou si kuo
15:04 The stooges I wanna be your dog
15:02 Mc solaar et marie flore Okay
15:00 Lenny kravitz Human
14:57 Yungblud Abyss
14:53 The cure Lullaby
14:49 Empire of the sun Changes
14:47 Rori Loser
14:42 Caesaria Love you more than me
14:40 The rembrandts I\'ll be there for you
14:36 Aliocha schneider Ensemble
14:34 Glass animals Creatures in heaven
14:29 Oscar and the wolf Somebody without u
14:25 Charlelie couture Comme un avion sans ailes
14:23 Travis Bus
14:19 Indochine Le chant des cygnes
14:16 Shaboozey A bar song
14:10 Edie brickell What i am
14:08 Magenta club X 1000
13:34 Faada freddy So amazing
13:32 Cat stevens Wild world
13:28 Torus and the blue stones Avalanche
13:16 Anais et tristan lopin Call boy de luxe
13:11 Walter astral Lune
13:07 Montell fish Who did you touch
13:05 Supertramp The logical song
12:56 Thais lona Dreams
12:54 Yodelice Muse in motion
12:50 Jean louis aubert Merveille
12:27 Quetier American psycho
12:22 Tibz Sale gosse
12:16 Lobster Find myself
12:15 Simply red I\'ll keep holding on
11:56 Bon jovi Legendary
11:51 Justice et tame impala Neverender
11:45 Martin oh Better place
11:40 Fool\'s garden Lemon tree
11:38 Eddy de pretto Etre biennn
11:29 Philippe katerine Sous mon bob
11:27 Dani et emmanuelle seigner Docile
11:00 Royel otis Claw foot
10:55 Ub40 Home
10:49 Air Sexy boy
10:47 Pascal rod Ne rien laisser
10:42 Post malone et morgan wallen I had some help
10:40 Adrienne pauly Message a tous les mecs
10:36 Van halen Jump
10:32 Illa Nuages
10:30 Silly boy blue I m gonna leave now
10:25 Manon vuoko Deteste moi
10:23 Blondie Call me
10:18 Caravana sun Keep my love close
10:16 Aud rey Non c\'est non
10:14 Satine C est toi
10:10 The crusaders Street life
10:07 Mooglie We still young
10:05 Lola young Fuck
10:03 Alain chamfort Whisky glace
9:43 Telephone Un autre monde
9:41 Adri Comme un imbecile
9:39 Set it off Fake ass friends
9:35 Wizard Stupid cunt in the mall
9:33 Blur Song 2
9:28 Green day Goodnight adeline
9:26 Pandapendu Le pire
9:22 Hozier Too sweet
9:20 Bb brunes Coups et blessures
9:18 Samaka Ascenseur emotionnel
9:13 La deryves C\'est ici
9:11 Djo End of beginning
9:07 Jxl vs elvis A little less conversation
9:05 Alice animal Regarde ailleurs
9:03 Herve Semaphore
9:00 634145 Lg departement haute vienne 10
8:59 General olive Eddy merckx
8:54 Breakbot Baby i\'m yours
8:52 Rose nuit Alors laisse
8:48 Jake bugg Zombieland
8:45 Superbus Baby boom
8:37 Aldebert Le cartel des cartables
8:32 Crystal murray Starmaniak
8:28 Sia Chandelier
8:26 Arthur thomas Hiver au soleil
8:22 Two door cinema club Happy customers
8:20 Emilie simon Soleil
8:15 Cock robin The promise you made
8:13 Myles smith Stargazing
8:08 Clou Mon epaule
8:04 Mistigris Tu disparais
7:58 Alan parsons project Don\'t answer me
7:56 Santa Recommence moi
7:51 Saule et lovelace Petite gueule
7:45 L\'imperatrice Me da igual
7:41 Police So lonely
7:39 The marias Run your mouth
7:30 Fools affection Charlie\'s song
7:26 Malt liquor Internet
7:13 Gorillaz Clint eastwood
7:11 Leony Simple life
7:07 Travis Gaslight
7:05 634145 Lg departement haute vienne 10
6:56 London grammar House
6:52 Francis cabrel Je t\'aimais je t\'aime je t\'aimerai
6:50 Tors Still life
6:28 Deep purple Portable door
6:26 Jenny l Apologize
6:17 Hubert felix thiefaine La fille du coupeur de joint
6:13 Manu chao Viva tu
6:08 Mina sang Le ciel
6:06 Christophe mali et lucie lebrun Derniers humains
5:57 Jona lewie Stop the cavalry
5:55 Elisa tovati Sun
5:51 Jamiroquai Space cowboy
5:47 Odonata x1 Returning from the twilight zone
5:43 Chris de burg High on emotion
5:40 Ziggy alberts New love
5:36 Rod stewart Sailing
5:32 Grand corps malade C est aujourd\'hui que ca se passe
5:30 Mano negra Mala vida
4:27 The offspring Make it all right
4:25 Petit biscuit Sunset lover
4:14 Mgmt Kids
4:12 Tom york Running into freedom
4:10 Cat stevens Oh very young
4:04 Jain Come
4:02 Arman melies Le ventre monde
3:57 Zucchero I won\'t let you down
3:55 Devil jo A better plan for you and me
3:51 George harrison Give me love (give me peace)
3:46 Agathe Sauvages
3:44 Linkin park Numb
3:42 Kazy lambist Lost
3:38 Titiyo Come along with me
3:34 Angie twelve You make me crazy
3:31 Yann tiersen La valse d\'amelie
3:29 Maax Les salauds