Playlist Rock Melodic Radio

Rock Melodic Radio
Temps Artistes Chansons
4:34 Johnny lima My revolution
4:30 Silent rage Rich, young and pretty
4:30 Work of art Rock melodic radio id
4:26 Groundbreaker Will it make you love me
4:22 Drive she said Don't you know
4:18 C.i.t.a. Heat of emotion
4:14 Outloud Like a dream
4:10 White sister A place in the heart
4:05 Fm Shot in the dark
4:02 Find me Another world
3:56 Reckless love Runaway love
3:51 Bon jovi Shot through the heart
3:49 Hardline Fever dreams
3:38 Fire Thrill me
3:35 Andy taylor Dead on the money
3:30 Night ranger When you close your eyes
3:24 Wildness Borderline
3:18 Reckless love Back to paradise
3:12 Lee aaron Love crimes
3:09 Wake the nations No mercy
3:05 Blanc faces Staying power
3:04 Rock melodic Web radio
3:00 Joey summer Running trough the night
2:57 Hideaway Promises
2:50 Khymera Give it to the world
2:43 Asia Finger on the trigger
2:43 Romeo's daughter leigh Rock melodic radio
2:39 Valentine We run
2:35 White vision Girl with a gun
2:31 Work of art This isn't love
2:21 One desire Hurt
2:21 Mark mangold drive she said Rock melodic radio
2:17 Jeff paris Heart to the flame
2:13 Wild rose Too late
2:08 Kingdom come Glove of stone
2:04 Work of art Cover me
2:02 Honeymoon suite Wounded
1:46 Sunstorm Fist full of heat
1:42 James christian Love has no mercy
1:42 Brickyard Look love in the eyes
1:37 Great white Is anybody there?
1:29 Amaze me On the run
1:24 Journey Where did i lose your love
1:21 Strong Young love
1:20 Takara Miles away
1:08 The sign Crossed the line
1:04 Voices of rock i Maniac (michael voss) [japan bonus track]
0:58 The storm Gimme love
0:51 Tommy tysper Excited
0:38 Fortune Don't say you love me
0:34 Harlan cage Late night escapades
0:24 One desire After you're gone
0:22 Kane roberts Rebel heart
0:15 Tattoo rodeo Restless heart
0:10 Age of reflection carl Rock melodic radio id
0:10 Y&t She's gone
0:00 Velocity Love is dangerous
0:00 Danger danger Under the gun