Playlist Rock Melodic Radio

Rock Melodic Radio
Temps Artistes Chansons
13:49 blind alley hunter
13:45 only child always
13:41 kimball jamison kicking and screaming
13:37 on the rise stranded
13:35 creye siberia
13:34 john parr rock melodic radio
13:29 stardust can't stop lovin' you
13:26 bite the bullet black & white
13:21 tower city i'll sleep tonight
13:17 sic vikki her body compliments the beat
13:12 wildness my hideaway
13:07 avalon avalon
13:03 paul laine is it love
12:58 auras reach out
12:54 heavens edge come play the game
12:50 newman wild child
12:49 kingdom come lenny wolf rock melodic radio
12:45 alias who do you think you are
12:40 stun leer love is a liar
12:35 craig goldy's ritual forever more
12:31 first signal born to be a rebel
12:26 giuffria lonely in love
12:25 danger danger bruno ravel rock melodic radio
12:22 coastline one step
12:17 icon missing
12:13 three lions trouble in a red dress
12:10 fighter v frontline
12:06 ailafar life is a chess
12:05 russ ballard rock melodic radio
12:01 jeff scott soto love strikes
11:57 bad habit only time will tell
11:53 silent rage tonight you're mine
11:49 red dawn never say surrender
11:45 the lec zorn project you keep me in the dark
11:45 john parr rock melodic radio
11:41 perfect plan heart to stone
11:37 captain black beard tonight
11:34 east temple avenue don't make believe
11:29 jeff paris illusions
11:25 kane roberts tears of fire
11:21 station i won't break your heart
11:17 overland after the fire
11:12 joey summer running trough the night
11:07 whitesnake all i want all i need
11:03 tom burr (aor gypzy) feat. jason vanek nukem youth
10:59 outland long way home
10:54 stardust 2nd hand love
10:49 sunstorm house of dreams
10:45 edge how long
10:42 rob moratti bullet proof alibi
10:41 jeff scott soto rock melodic radio
10:38 wildness renegades of love
10:34 steelhouse lane fire with fire
10:29 giant without you
10:23 heavens edge hold on to tonight
10:20 captain black beard lights & shadows
10:16 unruly child when love is gone
10:11 toby hitchcock strong enough
10:07 eyes cheyenne
10:03 drive she said don't you know
9:59 signal you won't see me cry
9:59 aor group sweden fb team rock melodic radio greetings
9:55 the night flight orchestra stiletto
9:49 c.o.p she's gone
9:44 garbo talks only love
9:41 norway someday, someway
9:36 shadow king anytime, anywhere
9:32 rob moratti stay away
9:28 ice tiger running for cover
9:24 house of lords spirit of love
9:20 tom burr (aor gypzy) feat jason vanek soul in a rose rock melodic radio mix
9:15 mariah knocked down
9:15 mitch malloy rock melodic radio
9:10 art of illusion wild and free
9:04 asia long way from home
8:59 burns blue cool me down
8:56 palace way up here
8:51 harem scarem distant memory
8:46 jet red after the war
8:42 places of power the passage
8:37 work of art shout till you wake up
8:33 snowfall i won’t be lonely anymore
8:28 station easier said than done
8:28 danny vaughn tyketto rock melodic radio
8:23 a.k.a fantasy
8:19 101 south black isn't black
8:14 quiet riot don't wanna be your fool
8:10 art nation don t wait for salvation
8:06 east temple avenue mountain
8:02 street talk don't believe
7:57 khymera the other side
7:53 alyson avenue another night
7:50 blind alley hunter
7:46 van halen why can't this be love
7:46 robin beck rock melodic radio
7:42 allies don't run away
7:39 coastland ride winds
7:34 robert tepper tell me you love me
7:31 tommy faragher (we dance) so close to the fire
7:27 zappacosta turn it on