Playlist Virage Radio Metal

Virage Radio Metal
Temps Artistes Chansons
7:37 Halestorm Heavy mental
7:29 Led zeppelin Stairway to heaven
7:24 Metallica Seek & destroy
7:16 Atrocity Malicious sukkubus
6:54 Invictus Get up
6:51 Lord of the lost Blood & glitter
6:48 Nuclear assault Butt fuck
6:45 Motorhead Damage case
6:44 Fractal universe Oneiric realisations
6:23 Sister Carved in stone
6:19 Avatar Vultures fly
6:15 Jaded heart Blood red skies
6:05 Insomnium While we sleep
6:00 Gojira Into the storm
5:56 Five finger death punch Gone away
5:50 Fleshkiller Salt of the earth
5:45 Sede vacante Dead new world
5:38 Judas priest Beyond the realms of death
5:34 Celestial wizard Ice realm
5:30 The vintage caravan Set your sights
5:15 Jeff scott soto Rage of the year
5:08 Iron maiden To tame a land
5:03 Deströyer 666 Hounds at ya back
4:57 Deathless legacy Absolution
4:51 Sleep token The summoning
4:47 Farmer boys Fiery skies
4:42 Black sabbath Sweet leaf
4:39 Raised fist Anthem
4:35 Obituary Dying of everything
4:30 Accept Fast as a shark
4:26 Stryper Transgressor
4:19 Dragonforce Through the fire and flames
4:15 Metallica Trapped under ice
4:11 Bloody hammers Black sunday
4:08 Ammunition Time
4:05 Ghost Hunter’s moon
3:52 Behemoth The deathless sun
3:49 Coreleoni Get it while you can
3:39 Pretty maids Nuclear boomerang
3:34 Steve vai Let's jam
3:30 Parkway drive Prey
3:21 Letzte instanz Für immer sein
3:18 Avatar Silence in the age of apes
3:13 Dragonhammer Diamond of peace
3:02 Royal blood Hook, line & sinker
2:59 Shiraz lane Carnival days
2:54 Avatarium Death, where is your sting
2:53 Black star riders Better than saturday night
2:43 Five finger death punch Sham pain
2:40 All for nothing At first sight
2:36 Nordic union In every waking hour
2:31 Judas priest Exciter
2:25 Riverside I'm done with you
2:21 Electric mob Devil you know
2:16 Ac/dc Crabsody in blue
2:13 Hollywood undead City of the dead
2:11 The sword High country
2:06 Sabaton The royal guard
2:02 Megadeth Soldier on!
2:00 Slipknot Solway firth
1:49 Iron maiden Hallowed be thy name
1:45 Of virtue Alone
1:40 Beyond the black Winter is coming
1:35 Ozzy osbourne Ordinary man
1:30 Insomnium White christ
1:25 Accept Losers and winners
1:21 Alter bridge Wouldn't you rather
1:16 Revocation Nihilistic violence
1:12 Dragged under Instability
1:07 Metallica Nothing else matters
0:53 Cabal Magno interitus
0:48 Ozzy osbourne & lemmy Hellraiser
0:44 Def leppard Photograph
0:39 Loathe Two-way mirror
0:35 Oceans Home
0:32 Motorhead Ace of spades
0:22 Annihilator Armed to the teeth
0:18 Ghost Dance macabre
0:14 Big city After the raid
0:11 Heart of a coward Drown in ruin
0:05 Avatar Bloody angel
0:02 Butcher babies Bottom of a bottle