Playlist Radio Ripley

Radio Ripley
Temps Artistes Chansons
11:37 The comsat angels waiting for a miracle
11:20 3 colours red be myself
11:16 The hex dispensers a brain inside a jar
11:15 Les thugs the letter
11:00 The who the kids are alright
10:42 Joyrider another skunk song
10:38 Zounds this land
10:37 The undertones boys will be boys
10:23 The ruts backbiter
10:21 The newtown neurotics living with unemployment
10:07 The clash guns on the roof
10:01 Ramones something to believe in
9:48 The stranglers peaches
9:45 Buzzcocks jerk
9:32 Ac/dc touch too much
9:29 Day in the life follow me
9:23 The shadows of knight hey joe
9:23 Monster magnet evil (is going on)
9:10 Better sweet like the flowers
9:04 Turbonegro suffragette city
9:00 Bivouac the bell foundry
8:48 Ramones howling at the moon (sha
8:46 The step kings better off when
8:32 Lumer first is too late
8:15 Rocket from the crypt young livers
8:13 D.i. guns
8:11 The primitives you said
8:05 Montrose make it last
8:03 Zooparty i miss me
8:01 Nunchukka superfly paintings on the wall
7:53 Dee dee ramone fix yourself up
7:50 Frank black czar
7:47 Motörhead the one to sing the blues
7:33 Gang of four damaged goods
7:30 Duncan reid and the big heads to live or live not
7:29 Joe jackson one more time
7:08 Les thugs take me away
7:04 Anti Nowhere league
7:01 Stiff little fingers wasted life
6:50 Television marquee moon
6:36 The wall new way
6:35 Play dead promise
6:20 The lords of the new church apocalypso
6:18 Kerbdog this is not a love song
6:03 Alice cooper hello hooray
6:01 Les thugs flags
5:49 The nomads (you call that) friendship?
5:45 The boys living in the city
5:41 Dead heavens adderall highway
5:39 Vice squad humane (single version)
5:36 Mega city four distant relatives
5:34 Bad mary hanging around
5:33 Chron gen mindless few
5:18 Public image ltd. attack
5:18 Madness mummy’s boy
5:04 Wellington arrangement love
5:02 The dickies got it at the store
4:59 Quicksand thorn in my side
4:53 Generation x listen!
4:39 Billy idol hole in the wall
4:24 The step kings zeroes and ones
4:21 D.o.a. last night
4:20 The members soho a go go
4:02 Armored dawn wayfaring stranger
3:58 Joe jackson fools in love
3:41 The three johns 20th century boy
3:39 Led zeppelin bring it on home
3:26 Audioslave shadow on the sun
3:24 Teenage time killers feat. lee ving big money
3:22 Warum joe a.i.d.
3:20 Sex pistols my way
3:03 The new christs dead girl
3:00 Lipstick killers hindu gods of love
2:57 Warum joe sun tsu
2:54 Joe jackson got the time
2:51 The runaways school days
2:49 The dead wretched no hope for anyone
2:47 Hard Ons
2:43 Kerbdog in a rut
2:28 Brian james why why why
2:26 Bauhaus telegram sam
2:22 The business do anything you wanna do
2:06 U.s.s.a. blue light
2:05 Lane (love and noise experiment) tea time
2:02 Pixies letter to memphis
2:00 Them mystic eyes
1:25 Far deafening
1:21 Cosmic psychos bee sting
1:20 Helmet street crab
1:06 Therapy? they shoot the terrible master
1:04 D.i. stick to your guns
1:00 Dogs skin on skin
0:41 Motörhead (we are) the road crew
0:36 The rolling stones hey negrita
0:33 The troggs i want you to come into my life
0:18 Unitytx burnout
0:16 Ceremony american society
0:02 The enemy fallen hero
0:00 Joy division novelty