Playlist Radio Ripley

Radio Ripley
Temps Artistes Chansons
14:03 the pastels cause i love you
14:00 them mystic eyes
14:00 radio ripley jingle ripley 1
13:58 new york dolls punishing world
13:54 uk decay dorian
13:51 the amboy dukes it's not true
13:48 the stranglers something better change
13:45 the rezillos flying saucer attack
13:42 abrasive wheels burn 'em down
13:40 the wedding present all this and more
13:38 nirvana turnaround
13:37 the undertones boys will be boys
13:32 stiff little fingers wait and see
13:28 prong face value
13:22 midnight oil power and the passion
13:18 the skulls erotic neurotic
13:17 the users i'm in love with today
13:13 even show me some discipline
13:10 deftones engine no. 9
13:07 penetration vision
13:04 the stranglers straighten out
13:02 the dickies eve of destruction
12:59 count and the colony can't you see
12:57 uk subs violent city
12:51 texas is the reason every little girl’s dream
12:47 the clash car jamming
12:43 1919 private war
12:40 the who a legal matter
12:36 bauhaus stigmata martyr
12:33 the outcasts love is for sops (single version)
12:28 velvet action trouble in my brain
12:27 therapy? gimme gimme shock treatment
12:25 senseless things come together
12:22 fireside lovecar
12:20 the dickies got it at the store
12:18 warum joe tu quoque
12:16 the jam see
12:12 the gun club my dreams
12:08 the comsat angels at sea
12:05 anti pasti
12:02 bruce joyner & the unknowns she never says no
12:00 the someloves don't talk about us
11:57 lime spiders nsu
11:54 the carpettes away from it all
11:52 peter and the test tube babies up yer bum
11:48 iggy pop lust for life
11:44 orange 9mm method
11:42 gigantor 2 crazy 4 u
11:39 1919 slave
11:38 hard ons
11:35 menace g.l.c.
11:32 the amboy dukes night time
11:28 rocket from the crypt misbeaten
11:25 big country fields of fire
11:23 sense field building
11:19 penetration silent community
11:17 pixies dig for fire
11:13 the replacements i'll be you
11:11 the black halos darkest corners
11:05 siouxsie and the banshees party’s fall
11:02 the rolling stones lady jane
11:00 fixed up riff bang pow
10:57 uk decay unwind
10:54 the members killing time
10:51 naked raygun walk in cold
10:49 the beatles hold me tight
10:45 siouxsie and the banshees cities in dust
10:40 soundgarden fell on black days
10:37 the lemonheads luka
10:35 the drones persecution complex
10:32 cosmic psychos out of the band
10:29 the easybeats i can see
10:24 the jam down in the tube station at midnight
10:21 theatre of hate legion
10:17 the carpettes friday night: saturday morning
10:14 shelter mantra
10:11 leatherface trenchfoot
10:09 rev. black and the rocking vickers zing! went the strings of my heart
10:06 threats politicians and ministers
10:03 flamin' groovies tallahassee lassie
10:01 the skulls victims
9:59 mega city four dancing days are over
9:53 led zeppelin dazed and confused
9:50 the escalators video club
9:46 the who the good's gone
9:44 outlie anxieties of the vain and unknowing
9:39 rid of me smells like teen spirit
9:35 the vibrators baby baby
9:33 iggy pop credit card
9:29 ramones something to believe in
9:25 van halen d.o.a.
9:22 prong (get a) grip (on yourself)
9:19 the vapors prisoners
9:14 ted nugent need you bad
9:11 deep purple black night (original single version)
9:09 far mother mary
9:06 hot water music a clear line
9:03 eddie & the hot rods get across to you
9:02 gigantor blind spot
9:01 radio ripley jingle ripley 1