Temps Artistes Chansons
15:12 La fiancee de satan Vindotale
15:07 Koc'h ki gwenn ha koc'h ki du Gilles servat
15:01 Ailala violette Barba loutig
14:57 Nann med ya Manu lann huel / eric le lann
14:52 Alpha eridani Modkozmik
14:47 Tullochgorum & deil amang the tailors Evergreen ensemble
14:41 Pirate song Aj lee & blue summit
14:37 'vont d 'ar foar da blijidi Lors landat
14:33 Wuthering heights The puppini sisters
14:23 Ats lun Radio kerne
14:20 Dirty love Motorhead
14:15 Short change hero The heavy
14:10 Pat_ poltron Dixit
14:06 Al liamm Baleerezh
14:01 Tri den yaouank (kas a-barh) Duo blain-leyzour
13:58 Archives Paerish
13:53 Weli di gymru? Dafydd iwan
13:47 Spires Jacques pellen / annie ebrel
13:40 An div c'hoar Nava
13:36 Black foot skank Black emerald
13:29 Something new Astral bakers
12:59 Bec'h dezhi Radio kerne
11:55 Trip to orford (the skyline / lac miller jig / jimmy's trip) Gab faure / jean-luc thomas
11:49 Staying on this side of the dirt Tankus the henge
11:44 Bangers Imar
11:40 L eron al liech Kreiz breizh akademi#8
11:36 Neanv Pascal lamour
11:32 Drew Goldfrapp
11:29 Effort in Nina cobham
10:59 Deomp dezhi Radio kerne
10:29 Tarzh an noz Radio kerne
10:26 Cad e sin don te sin? Skara brae
10:24 Frombu Jerome casalonga / hifiklub
10:20 Avalou Here
10:17 Ar marc'hadour bihan Ar c'hoaresed goadec
10:10 An disput / gaspard / melchior / balthazar Jean-luc thomas
10:05 First summer after New model army
10:03 Bewitched me Howlin' jaws
9:59 Beg an dorchenn Pokes de criee
9:54 Wild god Nick cave
9:48 Des pagnes des magnes Yannick noguet / rozenn talec
9:44 Pa basan 'barzh ar ger man Marcel le guilloux / erik marchand
9:38 Vianne's march Touta
9:35 Suantrai hiudai Skara brae
9:31 Pell Ebel elektrik
9:24 The devil's cruelty Hack-poets guild
9:22 Div vunuten Radio kerne
9:18 Sleeping gas The teardrop explodes
9:13 Cut with the kitchen knife Hallan
9:10 An anfin Tangi le gall-carre
9:07 Ar soudarded Soazig
9:01 Feat pauline willerval (live) Kreiz breizh akademi #9
8:59 Hijacked communication Technopolice
8:49 Ats lun Radio kerne
8:43 Tenval eo an no Kreiz breizh akademi #7
8:37 Vilius Gab faure / jean-luc thomas
8:33 Yr hosan las Gwilym bowen rhys
8:29 Back on track Siger
8:26 Ma mije bet liv ha paper gwenn Klervi riviere
8:23 Mahal Glass beams
8:16 Klun Radio kerne
8:13 La chauve-souris Thomas fersen
8:10 Niente da offrire Ada oda
8:06 Beg an dorchenn Pokes de criee
8:00 Ar paotr eured arajet Nava
7:55 C'est un pays B.r.e.t.o.n.s
7:52 Skoit n' treid! Alan stivell
7:49 Hen garol haf Cerys hafana
7:42 Tender is the night Jocelyn gould
7:39 Ticket girl Dynamite shakers
7:36 Can you get to that Funkadelic
7:31 Er sabotier Kelenn nikolas
7:26 Molene Didier squiban
7:20 Ar mor o kanan Jean charles guichen
7:15 Vagabonde La chance
7:10 Summer teeth Big scenic nowhere
7:08 Keep it real A certain ratio
7:04 Galantiz ar c'havotenn : ton kentan (gavotte) Barok
7:00 Confluentia O'tridal
6:58 Ain't goin' nowhere James hunter
6:53 Play that funky music Wild cherry
6:48 Unwomanly face of war Hallan
6:45 White light Ftr
6:41 Believe it all Sunfruits
6:36 Joga Bjork
6:32 Lights out Nubiyan twist / nile rodgers
6:28 El proximo verano Fin del mundo
6:22 Alpaca Luke walter & dj loki
6:18 Dead plants Better joy
6:13 Mr big (live at sunderland / 1970) Free
6:11 Never theirs to sell Graveyard
6:08 Rudy ya ya ya Deep tan
6:05 Crystal ball Grimes
6:02 Effort in Nina cobham
6:00 Midas Wunderhorse
5:58 Snakes El michels affair
5:55 If i gave you my love Myron & e
5:48 Free the homie will Wolphonics
5:44 Fairground Deary
5:40 Never bored valley Future exes
5:37 Talk Ciel
5:34 Hijacked communication Technopolice
5:29 Retroviseur Elusive experience
5:24 All alone Last train
5:21 Til it's over Marnie stern
5:17 My only love Porij
5:14 Second to none Skip the use
5:10 Medicine Loving
5:06 Cartagena Reyna tropical
5:03 Elephant Tame impala
5:00 Keep it real A certain ratio
4:57 Haunted sea The budos band
4:54 Just a girl No doubt
4:50 Common blue Warpaint
4:45 Road to darkness Kaan simseker
4:41 Believe it all Sunfruits
4:36 Shadowplay The killers
4:33 Betail Yyellow
4:29 They don't know how to fall in place The lemon twigs
4:25 C90 eternal Lord echo
4:22 Blue jeans Extraa
4:19 Baby jane (live) Dr. feelgood
4:15 Starburster Fontaines d.c.
4:11 Rockets Clavicule
4:08 Love shock Slant 6
4:05 Fakes Sunglaciers
4:01 Yer all in my dreams Purling hiss
3:56 When poets dreamed of angels David sylvian
3:51 Shelter (edit) Astral bakers
3:48 Japan Carriegoss
3:44 Fringy fringy Ikan hyu
3:39 A day in the life - 2017 remix The beatles
3:36 Gift Loving
3:32 Voices Parlor snakes
3:27 Machine guns and peacock feathers (carpenter brut remix) Ulver
3:23 Before Blonde redhead
3:19 Roses Silverchair
3:16 Antonio america Diskopunk
3:12 Fucquila (the champs and pantera) Bill mcclintock
3:09 This fffire (new version) Franz ferdinand
3:05 How you like me now The heavy
3:01 So mote it be Zombi
2:54 What does your soul look like (part 1) Dj shadow
2:50 Kepler Biche
2:48 Baby drummer Bad nerves
2:44 Turn back the time Keyside
2:40 Give me back my man The b-52's
2:37 What's his name Thee sinseers
2:33 A dream is all i know The lemon twigs
2:27 54 cymru beats Aphex twin
2:23 Think The magic gang
2:20 In vertigo Beach fossils / kazu makino
2:16 I don't remember Astral bakers
2:12 Necropolis Manilla road
2:06 A kind of magic (wembley) Queen
2:04 No mast Loving
2:00 Burn me down Frankie and the witch fingers
1:56 Silver lining lead balloons Gruff rhys
1:53 Filthy Ayron jones
1:49 Too late Cable ties
1:45 Roadhouse blues (new stereo mix) The doors
1:42 Treo Aggrasoppar
1:38 Dans les rochers de beg-an-fry Thomas fersen
1:34 Raingarden Xeno & oaklander
1:30 Balu Elbow
1:28 Non non non non (je ne suis plus saoul) Miossec
1:23 Stray The mysterines
1:18 Moonchild Fields of the nephilim
1:11 Ice cream cake Jeff beck
1:06 Evil Nadine shah
1:00 Mohican Gustav