Temps Artistes Chansons
16:45 Deomp dezhi Radio kerne
15:48 Cod liver oil & the orange juice The mary wallopers
15:39 Deathride Love gang
15:36 Drag Cat's eyes
15:19 You Vindotale
14:48 Ar fan foll Emezi
14:46 Sleeping gas The teardrop explodes
14:44 Madge's declaration Deadletter
14:18 Shook (i'm often) Atsuko chiba
14:05 Er park Ivarh
13:44 The theory of chaos Cuig
13:10 Fake names Agar agar
12:47 New year's day U2
12:22 Luna park Tankus the henge
12:09 Verjayon Forj
11:44 Shook (i'm often) Atsuko chiba
11:39 Pacific Baston
11:15 Lerc'h ha lerc'h Radio kerne
10:52 Ar gwin hag an tan Yannick noguet / rozenn talec
10:37 Fumelenn Dixit
10:32 Agreeing for two Rozi plain
10:28 Give me back my man The b-52's
10:00 Liesvouezh Radio kerne
9:18 Roud Radio kerne
8:31 Abadenn relijiel Arvorig fm
7:55 Tenval eo an no Kreiz breizh akademi #7
7:51 Carolan's party The celtic social club
7:50 Seinn o!/beag air bheag Eilean mor
7:48 La soupe de cailloux Sylvain giro / elsa corre
7:14 Summer night The red goes black
7:03 Gwerz sant nigouden Aya
6:31 Mibion mein Widilma
6:25 Ajari wuji Alain genty
5:32 Fanch's cider Loic blejean
5:10 Arisaig La battue
4:58 The throes of misery The killigans
4:49 Contradictions Minuit machine
4:44 Marwan Tramhaus
4:32 I don't wanna wait Kelly finnigan
4:22 Everyone you touch Shearwater
4:18 Liability Fufanu
4:15 Blood money The lounge society
3:59 Heading for the disco? Horrorpops
3:55 Heroes (dub) Ibibio sound machine
3:45 Dead horse Yard act
3:41 Hot for teacher Van halen
3:38 Binge Deadletter
3:34 Rockin' man Bamboozle
3:29 For no one Abstrackt keal agram
3:26 Head change Bass drum of death
3:18 Sir psycho sexy Red hot chili peppers
3:14 Kite Hotmagnets
3:10 Baile das catitas Ayom
3:02 Very online guy Alvvays
2:58 Sing to me (live) Anna calvi
2:42 Shook (i'm often) Atsuko chiba
2:39 I feel free Cream
2:34 Marwan Tramhaus
2:31 Nothing left to lose Everything but the girl
2:27 Our song Ultraista
2:22 Dopamatic Ape shifter
2:19 Ali Black churchills
2:16 Binge Deadletter
2:13 Rob the supermarket Kid kapichi
2:10 Can your pussy do the dog? The cramps
2:06 Everyone you touch Shearwater
2:03 How i love King tuff
2:01 Sophie Cvc
0:56 Stemming Royal canoe
0:52 Pana-vision The smile
0:48 Vanishing smile Follow me not
0:46 Crumb Tricot
0:26 Opening titles Palms
0:23 In god Ebony bones
0:18 Strung out johnny Iggy pop
0:14 Alle gegen alle Laibach
0:09 Paper house (2016 remastered version) The associates
0:05 Go!go! sinay Gondhawa
0:02 Six-pack Shame