Playlist Radio Hits80

Radio Hits80
Temps Artistes Chansons
14:15 dabo he wanna
14:09 alberth beat lazerboys / discostar
14:04 holt cold i can hear your voice
14:00 alberth beat enolion ft. mike hammer / hot...
13:53 alberth beat boiling point
13:48 shy rose i cry for you
13:41 glam,pete burns sex drive
13:34 tom garrow one more night
13:30 eugene livin in your love
13:01 dj yela barcelona remember
13:00 nick straker walk in the park
12:31 marcos rodriguez in this world
12:30 girly working girl
12:04 discoslap move your body
12:00 duke lake satisfaction, love and...
11:30 tam harrow your love is so nice
11:00 jimmy mc foy hi girl
10:36 digital emotion you'll be mine
10:30 tiger club tiger club feat. stefano...
10:24 top 80 tom hooker
10:17 roger meno i find the way
10:11 max-him lady fantasy
10:06 tom hooker no time to say goodbye
10:00 valentino mon amour
10:00 roberto lee don't let me go
9:30 ken laszlo
9:00 top 80 david lyme
8:30 jabberwocky apollo club
8:02 alberth beat sentimental
8:00 silstar 80`s,90`s... dance department
7:30 brian ice tokyo
7:00 plastic age mi amor
6:31 bunny x words
6:30 alberth beat lana pellay
6:05 j.d. jaber don't wake me up
6:00 digital emotion get up, action
5:30 amaya trapped
5:00 spagna call me
4:31 closed living in your eyes
4:30 liner-radio-hit-80 liner-radio-hit-80
4:30 savage italodisco
4:01 javi mula let's do it
4:01 liner-radio-hit-80 liner-radio-hit-80
4:00 atrium doctor jekyll
3:49 holt cold i can hear your voice
3:44 robert parker '85 again
3:39 baby'gang happy song
3:31 donald dust i'm bobby orlando
3:31 liner-radio-hit-80 liner-radio-hit-80
3:30 billy shane bức tường cuối
3:19 my mine hypnotic tango
3:15 alberth beat future human
3:05 alberth beat marc fruttero / time on your...
3:00 fred ventura the years
2:30 fabian nesti heigh ho
2:00 carino cat passion of love
1:30 dj yela barcelona kim carnes
1:03 daydream in the night
1:00 glam,pete burns sex drive
0:33 divine shout it out
0:30 energy voice the radio star
0:00 eugene livin in your love