Playlist Oui Fm

Temps Artistes Chansons
19:29 Lou reed Walk on the wild side
19:25 Liam gallagher Too good for giving up
19:21 No doubt It's my life
19:16 The strokes Bad decisions
19:12 Radiohead Knives out
19:06 Midnight oil Blue sky mine
19:06 Depeche mode Ghosts again
18:51 Blondie Heart of glass
18:43 Red hot chili peppers Scar tissue
18:36 The the Love is stronger than death
18:33 Linkin park Lost
18:31 Toto Africa
18:21 Blur Charmless man
18:17 Imagine dragons Birds
18:07 The beatles Nowhere man
17:53 Pink floyd Learning to fly
17:45 Louise attaque J't'emmene au vent
17:40 Green day American idiot
17:39 Placebo Sad white reggae
17:27 Shaka ponk My name is stain
17:09 Prince Kiss
17:05 Noel gallagher's high flying birds Easy now
17:03 Snow patrol Chasing cars
16:49 Barry moore The tide
16:45 Bad wolves Zombie
16:36 Crash test dummies Mmm mmm mmm mmm
16:32 Theory of a deadman Dinosaur
16:32 Dusty springfield Son of a preacher man
16:21 Alanis morissette Thank u
16:20 Asaf avidan Lost horse
16:10 Genesis That's all
15:49 The offspring We never have sex anymore
15:35 Adele Rolling in the deep
15:31 The smashing pumpkins Beguiled
15:30 The beach boys I get around
14:48 Maggie rogers Back in my body
14:44 The verve Sonnet
14:36 Linkin park Lost
14:34 Matmatah Lambé an dro
14:18 Pixies Catfish kate
14:14 Simple plan Welcome to my life
14:06 The rolling stones Get off of my cloud
14:03 Ko ko mo Need some mo'
14:00 -m- En tete a tete
13:57 Blink-182 Edging
13:54 Guns n' roses Don't cry
13:45 Pulp Disco 2000
13:07 Supertramp Breakfast in america
13:03 Noel gallagher's high flying birds Easy now
13:00 The black keys Lonely boy
13:00 No money kids I'm rollin'
12:44 Coldplay The scientist
12:36 Lenny kravitz I'll be waiting
12:35 Theory of a deadman Dinosaur
12:24 Death cab for cutie Pepper
12:20 Kiss I was made for lovin' you
12:07 The police Message in a bottle
12:03 Arctic monkeys Body paint
12:00 Louise attaque Les nuits parisiennes
11:57 Maneskin feat tom morello Gossip
11:37 The smashing pumpkins Beguiled
11:26 Madness One step beyond
11:16 Feist 1234
11:07 John lennon Instant karma
11:06 Muse Will of the people
10:52 Aerosmith Cryin'
10:48 The faim Summer is a curse
10:45 Tracy chapman Telling stories
10:36 The white stripes 7 nation army
10:29 Xtc Making plans for nigel
10:21 Rag'n'bone man Human
10:17 The rolling stones feat. jimmy page Scarlet
10:06 David bowie Modern love
9:59 Amy macdonald This is the life
9:56 Red hot chili peppers The shape i'm takin'
9:52 Deep purple Hush
9:51 Iggy pop James bond
9:34 Ko ko mo Need some mo'
9:30 Queen I want to break free
9:24 The heavy Hurricane coming
9:22 Pony pony run run Hey you
9:18 Jj wilde The rush
9:15 Orson No tomorrow
9:06 Talk talk Such a shame
9:05 Placebo Sad white reggae
8:57 Lloyd cole and the commotions Lost weekend
8:51 Imagine dragons Follow you
8:47 Blur Parklife
8:35 Noel gallagher's high flying birds Easy now
8:31 Texas Black eyed boy
8:26 Pink floyd Another brick in the wall
8:20 Soundgarden Black hole sun
8:20 Moby feat. gregory porter & amythyst kiah Natural blues
8:02 Theory of a deadman Dinosaur
7:55 The police Don't stand so close to me
7:51 Foo fighters Learn to fly
7:48 Maroon 5 Memories
7:45 Noir desir Comme elle vient
7:42 Dire straits Lady writer
7:37 The smashing pumpkins Beguiled