Playlist KBON

Temps Artistes Chansons
11:10 Acadia st. landry guest home Big al
11:07 Eddie lejeune Durald waltz
11:04 Johnnie allan Pure, pure cajun
11:02 Jambalaya cajun band What happened to the ol times
11:01 Houston lejeune Let the meatball roll shaaaaa
11:01 Cajun hour open Generic
10:57 Camey doucet One day at a time
10:55 The landrys Satisfied
10:52 Rev.f.c. barnes & janice brown It's me again lord
10:48 Randy young Do unto others
10:45 Curtis grimes Born to die
10:40 James brothers & sister caroline The father & the son
10:37 David nall What a beautiful morning
10:32 Alvin darling & celebration Lord do it for me
10:29 Doug briney Touch one life
10:25 Emmylou harris & vince gill Precious memories
10:25 Morning gospel hour Liner 2
10:21 George jones Amazing grace
10:19 Billy gene dickerson Change in me
10:19 Morning gospel hour Liner 1
10:16 Red blaze Angel growing old
10:13 Ronnie horton For you and me
10:12 Morning gospel hour Liner 3
10:09 Angie revere They cant see where im comin fro
10:05 Savae Old time religion
10:03 Paul williams & the victory trio Stay by the brook
10:02 Jerry sartain An uncloudy day
9:56 Riley family band Mulberry waltz
9:51 John delafose & eunice playboys Lonesome road
9:47 Brad paisley & alabama Old alabama
9:46 Vern gosdin That just about does it
9:39 Kip sonnier A lighter shade of blue
9:36 Gary t. Since you left me
9:36 Gary t. Since you left me
9:34 Charles mann You're no longer mine
9:34 Charles mann You're no longer mine
9:33 Dee darby buffet of radio Kbon listener liner
9:31 Balfa brothers The orphan waltz
9:31 Balfa brothers The orphan waltz
9:27 Bonsoir catin You talk too much
9:25 Steve adams Wanted $10,000 reward
9:21 Lee allen zeno Shuffle yo deck
9:18 Jason aldean That's what tequila does
9:18 Kbon When it comes to music
9:14 Wayne singleton & same ol 2-step Ride my horse
9:10 Sugarland Baby girl
9:08 Daryle singletary I'm livin up to her low expectat
9:06 Kbon/todd Nobody works/parties harder
9:04 Donice morace One drink in
9:00 Warren storm Honky tonkin
8:42 Lab Army national guard
8:38 Glen campbell Wichita lineman
8:35 Joe diffie A night to remember
8:30 Keeley brennan Next to nothin
8:00 Johnnie allan Love me all the way
7:30 Casey chesnutt Even texas couldn?t hold her
7:00 Jamie bergeron & kickin cajuns One more try
6:57 Buckwheat zydeco Heard you twice the first time
6:55 Joe warren cormier Baton rouge waltz
6:30 Kbon Where your feet never stops tap
6:29 Lions club psa 2020 Serve safely
6:27 Travis denning Where that beer's been
6:24 Warren storm You can't get here from there
6:21 Feufollet Two step of '99
6:17 Steve wariner Two teardrops
6:16 Collin raye Somebody else's moon
5:46 Ricky van shelton I am a simple man
5:34 Jeffery glass-st. landry farm b. (ryan johnson)
5:30 Gary morris Velvet chains
5:28 Steven john simon Eyes closed
5:23 Crime prevention Sexual assault
5:00 Tommy mclain Dim lights thick smoke
4:30 Rufus & tony thibodeaux The waltz of love
4:00 Roy carrier & the night rockers Whiskey drinking man
3:30 Brad paisley & dolly parton When i get where i'm going
3:00 Mo pitney Local honey
2:30 Don rich One more broken heart
2:00 Lee roy parnell Seven nights to rock
1:30 Mercredi show (mon-tue #1)
1:00 Phil vassar American child
0:30 Old dominion Hotel key
0:00 Billy ray cyrus Some gave all