Playlist Classic 21 90's

Classic 21 90's
Temps Artistes Chansons
8:01 Alanis morissette You oughta know
7:55 Ben harper Jah work
7:54 Tom petty Learning to fly
7:40 Sting All this time
7:38 Cranberries Dreams
7:09 Annie lennox Walking on broken glass
7:04 Tracy chapman Crossroad
7:01 Cure Friday i m in love
7:00 Red hot chili peppers Scar tissue
6:34 Lenny kravitz I belong to you
6:21 Queen These are the days of our lives
6:06 Massive attack Unfinished sympathy
6:03 Fool s garden Lemon tree.
6:00 Depeche mode Policy of truth
5:32 Radiohead Creep
5:17 Blur Country house
5:04 Bjork Bachelorette
5:00 Red hot chili peppers My friends
4:52 Oasis Supersonic
4:37 Paul mccartney Beautiful night
4:35 Black crowes Hard to handle
4:20 Neil young War of man
4:07 Jamiroquai Canned heat
4:03 Aerosmith Pink
4:00 Supertramp You win, i lose
3:51 Toto I will remember
3:37 U2 Who s gonna ride your wild horses
3:22 Andreas johnson Glorious
3:20 Portishead Glory box
3:04 Annie lennox No more i love you s
3:00 Foo fighters Learn to fly
2:43 Eels Your lucky day in hell
2:27 Paul mccartney Blue jean bop
2:24 Air Kelly watch the stars
2:05 Queen Innuendo
2:01 Aerosmith I don t want to miss a thing
1:58 Jamiroquai When you gonna learn
1:44 Cake I will survive
1:42 Soup dragons I m free
1:15 Blur Charmless man
1:12 Inxs Beautiful girl
1:07 Black crowes Remedy
1:03 Nirvana Lithium
1:00 Santana/the product g b Maria maria
0:53 Def leppard Let s get rocked
0:50 Sting Fragile
0:49 Chris isaak Baby did a bad bad thing
0:21 David bowie Seven
0:01 Ac dc Thunderstruck