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Radio Capsule
Temps Artistes Chansons
13:40 Stanislav tolkachev like no one is watching
13:27 Legowelt you are just a sad hologram projected from the edge of the universe
13:08 Jonquera président baker
13:02 Autechre th red a
12:51 Mercan dede hidden
12:47 Sébastien roux & vincent epplay lama drama (**comme un)*
12:45 Stéphane laporte april f5
12:34 David morley nab
12:29 O yuki conjugate cloud cover
12:15 Parallax corporation crocodiles in the sky
12:09 Marco shuttle through the cobalt desert
12:06 Hyboid torturella
11:54 Joakim dead (aimee, mexico)
11:50 Biosphere monju
11:46 Old gang jah rasta (black devil disco dub)
11:34 Crunch 22 the lobster quadrille
11:28 D? fifty fifty (anatolian weapons rework)
11:23 Sam binga & danny scrilla further peaks
11:18 Antioche kirm (pop astral) antioche kirm
11:13 Sie cry (the rest)
11:02 Marco shuttle polysolation
10:57 O yuki conjugate a darker belief
10:50 Emmanuelle parrenin & detlef weinrich caltec's dance
10:47 Chateau flight untitled
10:41 Biosphere microgravity
10:37 Carbon based lifeforms transmission intermission
10:31 Eylül deniz she can't die (twin peaks vocal cover)
10:25 Zeitgeber double down
10:19 Gilbert cohen & ariel kalma tribu sauvage
10:12 Subject 13 good guys, bad guys
10:01 Tim hecker & daniel lopatin instrumental tourist
9:55 Cs + kreme saint
9:49 Blawan klade
9:33 Sene soft return
9:30 Suns of arqa formorian (bleep + booster mix)
9:27 Jac berrocal, david fenech, vincent epplay rock 'n roll station
9:22 Acid arab;cem yildiz ejma
9:20 Banabila roofscape
9:18 Tue et tue encore pomme de terre
9:13 T.raumschmiere zartbitter
9:03 Bill laswell drafting shadows/leaving la habana [peaceful]
8:59 Fennesz shisheido
8:53 Masahiro sugaya umi no sunatsubu
8:32 Félicia atkinson adaption assez facile
8:29 Max essa beautiful western river
8:24 Muslimgauze dome of the rock 1
7:49 Paul w. teebrooke nova
7:40 Various san proper
7:38 Stephane laporte tears plant
7:33 Tropical drums of deutschland sanza
7:20 Rrose bandage
7:15 Kafka le froid
7:12 Carbon based lifeforms set theory
7:02 Hlm38 empty quarter
6:59 Volor flex invasion
6:41 Mohn saturn
6:30 Fred und luna silbervogel
6:24 The pilotwings massilia attack
6:20 Chevalier avant garde for phaedra
3:53 K. leimer method, language and silence
3:48 Pete namlook & klaus schulze wish you were there, part vii
3:47 Infuso giallo torus
3:36 Domotic domestic electral supplies
3:29 Radio trip stop
3:25 K. leimer shallows
3:21 Offshore funk offshoot (diego's corporal flashback mix)
3:12 Polemik viktor cosmik resurgences
3:04 Sofa, houschyar, okay temiz rhythm is the mother
2:58 Katabatik worshipping the porcelain goddess
2:52 Psychedelic digestion therapy egipcia
2:49 Chapelier fou le tricot
2:48 Lorn no safety on a body
2:36 Catherine ribeiro + alpes qui a parlé de fin
2:09 Alio die, amelia cuni apsaras
2:03 Space drum meditation fangs of gold
2:02 Electric company 170
1:52 404 der
1:48 Chilly gonzales shut up and play the piano
1:44 Azar swan hush (auditor remix)
1:41 Zomby florence
1:38 Afrikan sciences a tonk
1:34 Hybryds the garden at the sea
1:28 Portable don't give up
1:24 Le syndicat electronique l'amour d'un traître
1:18 Gotan project el capitalismo foráneo
1:06 Air&alessandro baricco la puttana di closingtown('affaculo)
1:01 Valentin stip nwia (original mix)
0:54 Atrium carceri & cities last broadcast a new constellation
0:49 Fatima al qadiri jade stars
0:44 Caribou the barn
0:40 Beatume fuego
0:29 Douglas greed die schwarze witwe liebe (original mix)
0:19 Mira calix the way you are when
0:13 Umwelt room 1