Playlist Cajun Radio

Cajun Radio
Temps Artistes Chansons
6:56 Kevin naquin Aldu roza
6:53 Don rich Thank you darling
6:51 Rod bernard Diggy liggy lo
6:47 Wayne toups True love (dont leave me blue)
6:44 Damon troy If thats all it takes
6:41 Bobby leger Lake charles playboy waltz
6:38 Johnnie allan Its its so hard
6:34 Junior lacrosse Shes all mine
6:29 Joel martin Shes gone
6:25 Travis matte I swear
6:22 Rodney lejeune Jai fait une grosse error
6:18 Belton richard Let me talk to your heart
6:14 Jamie bergeron Im not the man
6:11 Lakeside gamblers Pas de temps pour pleurer
6:06 Richard lebouef Louisiana lullaby
6:03 Adam hebert La pointe au pain
6:01 High performance [ ] steve riley Pretty music of louisiana
5:58 Ivy dugas [ ] jackie callier [ ] phil menard Till i waltz again with you
5:54 Danny collet Cajun party
5:51 Crosscut Poor me
5:48 Wayne toups Tous les temps en temps
5:43 Maw maw theriot Hip et talaut (hip & tayo)
5:40 Briggs brown Dear friends
5:37 Clint west Our love
5:33 Damon troy Youll understand
5:29 Steve riley & the mamou playboys Musicians paradise
5:25 Don rich Baby doll
5:22 Kevin naquin Big boy waltz
5:19 Joe bonsall Chere tout tout
5:15 Geno delafosse Theres no getting over me
5:12 Joe simon Prison waltz
5:08 Hunter hayes Six years old
5:05 Louisiana leroux New orleans ladies
5:01 Jamie bergeron Went down to the river
4:57 Johnny sonnier Devil went down to new iberia
4:54 Travis matte Vibrator
4:50 T-sale Si tu veux ma fille
4:48 Johnnie allan South to louisiana
4:44 Foret tradition Fooled around and fell in love
4:41 Horace trahan Sassy drunk
4:39 Jimmy donley Please mr. sandman
4:34 Keith frank Overcome
4:30 Wayne toups Please explain
4:24 Oscar (hobo) bertrand Loneshoreman waltz
4:22 Everett brady Fanny mae
4:19 The boogie kings I love that swamp pop music
4:15 Damon troy Rest your love on me
4:08 Lil alfred Hold on to what youve got
4:00 Joel sonnier Tu peux conger
3:54 Rusty metoyer Dont you know waltz/two step
3:50 Lesa cormier [ ] cajun august broussard Ill never let you go
3:46 Kevin naquin Tee na na
3:40 Warren storm Teardrops over you
3:36 Brian jack When you come around
3:31 Wayne toups Take my hand
3:28 Johnnie allan Shine on
3:24 Belton richard Oh yea yi yi
3:21 Jerry sartain [ ] crosscut Am i lying to myself
3:16 Steve riley & the mamou playboys Bayou noir
3:13 Travis matte Price of freedom
3:05 Cookie & the cupcakes Got you on my mind
3:02 Rufus jagneaux Opelousas sostan
2:59 Damon troy Shortnin bread
2:56 Don rich Gator queen
2:52 John trahan La valse de marier
2:49 High performance [ ] steve riley You cant take my wife
2:44 Jivin gene Its never to late
2:40 Horace trahan Time to let it go
2:37 Wayne toups Going back to big mamou
2:33 Zydecane [ ] abe manuel Mermentau outlaw
2:25 Phil menard La sha chere
2:23 Rod bernard Midnight special
2:19 Tmonde Making believe
2:17 Jamie bergeron Wheres why woman
2:13 Jim oliver Marriage a pic-et-poc
2:08 Frankie ford Whiskey heaven
2:05 Paul daigle [ ] robert elkins The waltz of life
2:01 Kevin naquin No salt in the beans
1:59 Ray abshire Fond culotte two step
1:55 Travis matte Miss you
1:51 Clint west Big blue diamonds
1:47 Richard lebouef Empty glass
1:45 Johnnie allan Lets go get drunk
1:40 Keith frank Uplifting
1:37 Wayne toups Johnnie cant dance
1:33 Danny collet You are my world
1:23 Jimmy thibodeaux [ ] camey doucet Broken hearted waltz
1:21 Foret tradition Shes mine
1:19 Darrel higginbotham Cypress inn special
1:15 Louisiana kingfish Hurricane cutter
1:11 Garrett judice Bosco stomp
1:07 T.k. hulin Alligator bayou
1:04 Johnny sonnier Saturday night waltz
1:01 Joel sonnier Jolie blon
0:57 Steel shot One bar at a time
0:54 Don rich Lucille
0:51 Crosscut [ ] wayne toups Bring it on home to me
0:45 Tommy mclain Sweet dreams
0:42 Geno delafosse When will i be loved
0:37 Horace trahan Same knife cut the sheep cut the goat